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Description of the Border Terrier

The Border Terrier

The Border Terrier evolved from different terriers and has been bred on type from about 1850 in the Border Districts around Northimberland and the Scottish Borders.

At first to work foxes, they adept other quarry.

Their character, activity and shape, evolved from their use with other terriers and Foxhounds and work together.

He had to run with horses and a shape to go to ground.

The Border today must still fullfill this ames, although one is not allowed to work Border in Holland.

By nature the Border is an obedient terrier, well behaving among people and animals.

Of course he remains a terrier who likes to go its own way and does not wants to come when found something interesting.

A puppytraining/course is advisable.

At home the Border is a quiet, calm terrier, but outside, walking on the beach or in the woods it shows its spirit and speed.

Teach your Border NOT to go to ground.
It can get lost underground and this has been a sad fate of several Borders.

Their colours are brindle in different variaties or blue and tan.

To keep their coat harsh and waterresistent, 2 or 3x handstripping is needed.